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Summary of the book, copyright François-Marie Périer

Dear all,
in this period of Buddhist great festival of Wesak (birth, awakening and departure of the Buddha, on the full moon of the Taurus, may 18th at 9:11 PM UTC), I allow myself to share with you my researches, an in-depth work on the simultaneous birth of Christanity and Buddhism of the Great Vehicle (or Mahâyâna) in the first century AD, on the Silk Road, which I do not attribute to chance. My study is based on texts, iconography, theology and Buddhology and highlights the incredible similarity of these two contemporary spiritual revolutions on the greatest road of commercial, cultural and religious exchange in Antiquity. But Christianity and Mahâyâna, religions of compassion and universal salvation, were and still are respectively rich in Hellenistic, Jewish, Hindu, and even Zoroastrian traditions. Finally, Islam itself is rich in the Judeo-Christian tradition.
Here is a summary of my studies and
large excerpts of the book in English. I am currently correcting my translation the best I can and uploading regularly new versions of the excerpts  (nothing has been published yet). Do not hesitate to share it in your turn if it seems useful.

The perspectives of my discoveries are quite relevant for interreligious dialogue as well as historical truth, as you will easily understand, and they have earned me the support of the French philosopher Edgar Morin and the acquisition of the book by the Institute of Divinity in Cambridge (Harvard-Boston) and the Public Library in New-York City.
Please note that all the contents are copyright of the author, the publishing house Le mercure Dauphinois and the other authors and publishing houses.
happy Wesak,
Here is a link to a video:
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